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Organic Latex Foam

Organic Latex Foam

What is Latex made of?

The production of chemical free latex used in products such as mattresses and pillows follows a process known as the Dunlop Process. This process involves pouring liquid latex onto a long conveyor belt, allowing it to go through a vulcanization — this gives the latex its ability to mold for a firmer product — and finally cooling so that the movements of the cells settle and make it thicker. Unlike flash freezing, this ensures that each product features a solidified, thicker quality throughout. As such, products produced with Dunlop Process are more durable than those created with any other method.

How is Latex made?

It all starts with the Dunlop Process, first developed back in 1929. The process begins with thick rubber sap that is whipped into a froth in a centrifuge before it’s poured into an open mold and covered. Then steaming begins and natural sediments settle to the bottom of the mold making the Dunlop layers slightly firmer on the bottom side for more support. With this method of vulcanization, latex mattresses are created in soft, medium, and firm varieties giving you plenty of choice when it comes to selecting your perfect sleeping comfort level.

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